Wine Storage Facility


We are located in downtown Vancouver, WA, just minutes from downtown Portland, Camas and Washoughal.  We serve the greater Portland Metro and Southwest Washington areas.  Our facility has drive-up, street level access and ADA accessibility. No steps or stairs to navigate.  We have reserved parking directly in front of our facilty and plenty of free parking nearby.

The Perfect Environmet

Our high tech, climate controlled wine storage facility maintains a constant 55 degree temperature  and 60-70% relative humidity - the optimal cellaring conditions for wine.  Our climate is professionally monitored 24/7 through a system of sensors by our security provider.  Our facility is well insulated and several miles away from train tracks and freeways that could cause harmful vibration to your wine collection.  Many studies have shown that wine that is subjected to constant vibration won't age gracefully.  

Exclusive use of untreated and unpainted wood in our lockers and walk-in rooms ensures that harmful vapors and Volatile Organic Compounds will not come in contact with your wine collection.


Our state of the art security system is monitored 24/7 using the latest technology.  Video surveillance cameras are throughout the facility and on the perimeter.  We have installed motion, heat, smoke, humidity and temperature sensors and detectors.  Our Biometric scanning system ensures that only customers programmed into our security system have access to their wine vaults.  Our Wine Storage customers have  access daily from 6 AM - midnight, 365 days per year.